Landlord & Tenant Consultancy

Landlord Tenant Consultancy

Rent reviews & lease renewals

Whether you are a landlord or tenant with retail, office or industrial premises we can help you with a pending rent review, lease renewal, surrender or restructuring of a lease. We have a sound knowledge in not only the obvious aspects such as lease terms, market conditions and rental evidence but just as crucially, how the negotiations might affect the wider objective.

Once instructed we will require a copy of the lease to establish the relevant terms such as rent review mechanism (whether the new rent could be based on the increase in RPI, market rent or other mechanism), whether the lease is within the Landlord & Tenant Act and what assumptions and disregards are to be made.

After reading the lease this will be followed by a detailed inspection of the property involving a measured survey to enable a rental valuation to be prepared or sometimes in the case of a lease renewal an interim rental valuation to be agreed between parties while the other terms are to be established.

We would then work on gaining relevant comparables and start the analysis process to determine the new market rent and lease terms. This will then allow us to liaise with our client before sending out the relevant notices to the other party dealing with the subsequent negotiations.

If the parties are unable to agree on a new rental for a rent review or lease terms during a lease renewal we are experienced in preparing subsequent expert submission reports for arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution method.

D1 Medical & Health services

If you are a landlord or tenant and have a rent review or lease renewal you will need the professional services of a valuer experienced with such properties to determine the correct market rent.

We have extensive experience of a wide range of such premises in Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire. Such information can be hard to come by due to information being restricted by, for example, some large health care institutions, often to supress rentals.  This can  in turn significantly impact the investment value of the property, so it is important the correct market value is achieved and the best way to do that is to employ experienced professionals, which is where AK Property Consultants Limited is well placed to help.