Full Building Survey Christchurch

Full building surveys are generally more appropriate for larger and older properties in Christchurch which in need of modernisation. If you are unsure regarding which report you require please contact us and we can email a copy of both a homebuyer report and full building survey to aid this decision and discuss this with you.

AK Property Consultants specialises in providing full building surveys for properties within the Christchurch area offering a bespoke service at competitive rates ensuring good value for money.

In particular AK Property Consultants includes a talk through of the report in person at a convenient Christchurch location ensuring the service does not stop upon completion of the report. As part of the talk through of the report we also discuss negotiations, should they be deemed necessary, based on the valuation, which will be supported by comparables presented in the report and the estimated cost of any works required (included in a spreadsheet at the end of the report for easy reference).

To aid understanding of the full building survey further we also include annotated photographs of the main discussion points.

Following is a table presenting the fees for full building survey service for properties in the Christchurch area, which depends on the agreed price, offered by AK Property Consultants.

Full Building Survey Christchurch Fee Scale

Agreed Value 1000's

Homebuyer Report

Full Building Survey

0-165,000 £495 £950
166-220,000 £595.00 £950.00
221-575,000 £625.00 £1250.00
576-800,000 £675.00 £1500.00
801+ POA POA

For properties of a higher value we would be pleased to provide a quotation.

AK Property Consultants is not VAT registered so there is no VAT to pay on the above prices.

For non-standard constructions such as cob & thatch please phone for a quote.

Full Building Survey Christchurch